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1/8 Marika Kato PVC
"Marika Kato", the main character from "Bodacious Space Pirates", makes her debut dressed&..
1/8 P.O.P Edition-Z Aokiji Kuzan
Kuzan Aokiji is finally coming to P.O.P Series from the big hit movie "ONE PIECE FILM Z". The f..
1/8 P.O.P Edition-Z Roronoa Zoro
The long-waited Zoro is coming up in the P.O.P Series of the big hit movie "ONE PIECE FILM Z". Zoro ..
1/8 P.O.P MAS Tony Tony Chopper Horn Point
The 2nd edition of the P.O.P "MAS" Series showing the action of the super power beings, is the popul..
1/8 P.O.P Sailing Again Trafalgar Law
"The Surgeon of Death", Trafalgar Law, who joined the Seven Warlords of the Sea, is coming back to P..
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